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Win a Casio F-91W every week!

From August 23 to October 18

The Casio F-91W is a watch that speaks for itself. Worn by presidents and world-famous bad-guys alike, it’s epic beyond belief.

Datsuco is holding a Video Invaders tournament with prizes awarded every week from August 23 to October 18. Achieve the highest Video Invaders score in any given week from August 23 to October 18 and you win! But you can only win one watch during the first seven weeks. Week 8 is the finale, where the top three overall scores will win a gold, silver and bronze F-91W.

What game do I play?

 The F-91W has been described as a “modest masterpiece” and has been worn by everyone from hipsters to President Obama.."

Matthew Hussey TNW Insider

Grand Prizes

Video Invaders: The Game

Classic Gameplay on PC & Mac

The original Space Invaders has grown a bit long in the tooth. Its slow gameplay wears the player down, and the route to a truly high score is a huge grind. Video Invaders takes everything that didn’t age well in Space Invaders and makes it more awesome. Faster gameplay, smarter enemies and ufo’s that fire back at you. It just feels right. Find out for yourself!

How do I enter?

Get Video Invaders!

Purchase Video Invaders Tournament Edition from - and then practise. The game runs on both Mac & PC so you’re covered. Get good and then...

Upload To YouTube

This is old-school. Record yourself playing the game, making sure the screen is visible at all times. You can use your phone! Then upload it to your YouTube account...

Fill Out The Entry Form

Fill out the tournament entry form. You can enter as many times are you like for free over the 8 weeks of the contest. New winners are announced every Friday!

Ready to Play?

Purchase Video Invaders and get started!

I'm in! Let's go!

Ready to Win?

Uploaded your gameplay video to YouTube? then you’re ready to fill out the entry form...

Tournament Entry Form

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